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Print Your Candy And Eat It Too!

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Seems as though every time you turn around there is a 3D printer with a new functionality invented. They can be used to build (faux) cars, help with school projects and even bring a virtual Minecraft world to life. While they are all cool, none have managed to hit the 'sweet' spot quite like the Chef Jet - the world's first on-demand 3D candy printer!

When In New York, Seek Out The Candy Cab

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New York City streets are jam-packed with similar-looking yellow cabs. Some however, are better than others. In the past some lucky people have struck it rich with the Cash Cab. While that is history, there is now a sweeter kind of jackpot waiting to be claimed thanks to the Candy Cab - A free candy store on wheels filled with all sorts of delights, ranging from Skittles to Milky Ways.

Cows Get To Eat Candy? Sweet!

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How cool would it be if your parents decided to substitute the vegetables on your dinner plate with candy? Believe it or not, that is exactly what a couple of Kentucky farmers have been doing for their herd of 1,400 cattle, for the past few months.

Fashion Designers Recreate Alexander McQueen's Famous 'Parrot Dress' From 50,000 Gummy Bears

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Though British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is no longer with us, his legacy continues to live on. It was quite apparent in Kate Middleton's elegant ivory and white satin wedding dress designed by his former assistant Sara Burton and now in this gummy bear dress that was crafted as a unique tribute to the designer for the inaugural cover of Twelve, a magazine dedicated to fashion, music, art and culture, that made its debut in May 2012.

Denmark's Generous Store 'Sells' Chocolates For Good Deeds

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How cool would it be if you could walk into your local confectionery store and pick up a box of candy for just promising to do a good deed! Sounds too good to be true? Not, if you live in Denmark, where the aptly named 'Generous Store' is doing exactly that!

Jelly Belly Makes For A Sweet (And Superhit) Single!

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Twenty-six year old singer/songwriter Kina Grannis, was looking for a creative way to film the music video of her new hit single 'In Your Arms'. That's when her director Greg Jardin came up with the crazy suggestion of making the entire set with Jelly Beans.

NYC's Fashion's Night Out Features Some Sweet Shoes - YUM!

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On September 8th, 2010, fashion designers came out in full force to showcase their best creations for the throngs of shoppers who flocked to stores in over 100 cities across the globe to celebrate, the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out - A global initiative to promote retail shopping and celebrate fashion.

Now This, Is One Sweet Prom Dress!

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When Wisconsin teen, Tara Frey goes to her high-school prom on April 30th, there is one thing she will not be fretting about - Someone else wearing the same dress or shoes or for that matter even holding the same purse - That's because her entire outfit is hand crafted out of a colorful medley of Starburst wrappers!

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