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Sampal The Dolphin's Truly Magical Tale!

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When dolphins get caught accidently in fishing nets, the outcome is usually dire - They either get injured and lose a tail or, spend their lives in captivity entertaining humans. But while thirteen-year-old Sampal's story began that way, it has a perfect fairy-tale ending.

Distressed Dolphin Seeks Out Help From Human Divers

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On January 11th, professional diver and excursion expert, Keller Laros and his team did what they do every night - Lead a group of tourist divers into the ocean off the Hawaiian island of Kona, to experience the stingrays, up close. While that in itself was a magical experience, what happened that night, was even more unforgettable!

Quick Thinking Beachgoers Saves 30 Beached Dolphins

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Usually when marine mammals like dolphins and whales get stranded on beaches, people wait for experts to come and help rescue them. What usually ends up happening is that many die because of the time delay. Beachgoers in Brazil were not taking that chance - Instead, they quickly sprang to action and saved a pod of unfortunate dolphins that recently showed up along a sandy beach.

Spinning With Dolphins

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We have all heard of swimming with dolphins, but spinning with them? That is a skill that takes some learning and one that Italian-born Simone Arrigoni, seems to have honed in really well. On Thursday May 19th, the free-diver completed 13 circuits powered completely by two friendly dolphins  - Leah and Quina

Scientists And Dolphins Learn How To 'Talk' To Each Other

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It is a well-known fact that dolphins are amongst the most intelligent animals on the planet. Yet, we have never figured out how to really communicate with them or for that matter, any other animals either. Now, a team of scientists from Florida's Wild Dolphin project, have taken the first step towards cracking the code.

Using The iPad To Communicate With Dolphins

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Who says humans are the only iPad enthusiasts? Merlin, a two-year-old dolphin who resides at Dolphin Discovery in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, is the latest fan of the gadget! But, while most consumers use it to browse the Internet, check e-mail or simply play games, the bottlenose dolphin may be the first, to utilize it as a learning tool.

Dolphins Play 'Tail Soccer' With Jellyfish

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Ever wondered what bottle-nosed dolphins do for fun? Marine Biologists observing the fun-loving mammals, were stunned to see them playing a game of soccer - Using bright pink jellyfish as balls.

The Stunning Pink Dolphin

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A rare pink bottlenose dolphin has been drawing throngs of people to Lake Calcasieu, an inland saltwater estuary in Louisiana. The stunning mammal, believed to be the only one of its kind in the world, was spotted a few weeks ago, by charter boat captain, Eric Rue.

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