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Scientists Discover New Species Of Elephant Shrew

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Scientists believe that they may have found a new species of the elusive Elephant Shrew or Sengi, in Kenya's remote Bon-Dori jungle.

The Mighty Elephant Is Afraid Of . . . . Ants?

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First it was bees, not it turns out that the world's largest land animal - the African elephant, may be afraid of an even smaller insect - the tiny ant!

Video Of The Week - Wildlife Safari's Talented Elephants

Tired of the same old tame car wash services? Then it's time to head to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon where resident nellies, George, Tiki and Alice will be happy to do the job!

The Ancestor Of The Modern Day Elephant Was . . . . . The Size Of A Rabbit!

While it was known that the giant woolly mammoth is the ancestor of the modern-day elephant, very little was known about how and when the modern day elephant and other mammals evolved following the demise of the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago.

Mosha Gets A New Leg

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Mosha, an Asian elephant, was only seven months old, when she hurt one of her legs. The injured animal was whisked to the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital and Sanctuary in Lampang, Thailand for treatment.

An Unusual Friendship

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When elephants arrive at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, they usually look for a friend to hang out with, for the rest of their golden years.

International Elephant Polo Championship

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From December 3rd thru 9th, the small town of Chitwan in Nepal was home to a rather unusual sporting competition - Elephant Polo. Now in its 27th year, this annual event was conceived over cocktails by Nepalese tourism pioneer, A.V. Jin Edwards and polo enthusiast, James Clark.

Kenyan Elephants Use Text Messaging

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Kenyan Ranger Richard Lesowapir was enjoying a peaceful day, when he received a text message from Kimani. The African bull elephant was back to his old tricks - heading to raid the neighborhood farms. Richard jumped into his jeep and rushed to try frighten Kimani back to his home at the Ol Pejeta conservancy.

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