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Scientists Discover 1.5 Million New Species Of Plankton And . . . . . Lots Of Plastic!

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For the last two and a half years, 15 scientists have been scouring the oceans in search of some of earth's smallest but most important organisms - Plankton. The exhaustive research has revealed some great news and some, not so encouraging.

3,000 Fishy Beauties Vie For 'World Goldfish Queen' Title

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A goldfish is a goldfish is a goldfish right? Wrong, say some experts in China and to prove their point they organized a pageant dedicated entirely to these tiny beauties. Held on Saturday, September 15th, 2012, in Fuzhou a city in the Fujian Province, the first International Goldfish Championship attracted 3,000 contestants from 14 countries ranging from neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia, all the way to Brazil.

FishEyes Makes Fishing Fun And Productive

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The sport of fishing requires a lot of patience and time. That's because once the line is thrown in, there is very little a fisherman can do, but wait and hope that a succulent Bass or Flounder will not only glide by, but also, take the bait.

And, The Norwegian Coalfish Makes A Thousand

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There was no drum roll, no hoopla or fanfare - Just a faster heartbeat, as California Angler Steve Woznaik, hooked a small coley on July 21st, 2010. Caught in the midst of the cold waters of the Norwegien Fjord this seemingly insignificant catch, marked the finale of his 10-year quest, to become the first person to catch a thousand different species of fish.

A Week Of Uncanny Resemblances

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This week, the news headlines have been bombarded with vegetables and animals bearing an uncanny resemblance to items from animated movies. First came the Shrek fish, then the Spud Trek and now, a carrot that resembles Buzz Lightyear!

A 'Fishy' Downpour In Australia

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Last week, residents of the remote town of Lajamanu in Northern Australia, were treated to an unusual downpour - hundreds of small Spangled Perch falling from the skies!

The Best Job In The World Goes To . . . . .

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How would you like to spend six months in a beautiful three-bedroom house on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, swimming with the fishes, taking videos and pictures and blogging about anything interesting . . . . . . . And get paid for doing all this?

Robo-Fish To The Rescue!

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If British Scientists have their way, the waters around Europe may soon be swarming with schools of strange looking fish. However, before you rush to get your fishing rods, be warned, for these are no ordinary fish, but robo-fish, released to sniff out toxic water pollutants.

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