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Meet Grace Bush, 16-Year-Old High School AND College Graduate

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Photo Credit: CBS Miami

It's May, which means that millions of students around the country have or are getting ready to receive their college diplomas. Grace Bush is one of them. The only difference? Grace is just 16 years old. Yes, that's right - at the age when most teenagers have not even completed high school, Grace has graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a minor in Spanish. What's even more astonishing is that the brilliant girl received her high school diploma from Florida Atlantic High School on May 9th, a week after her she had graduated from college!

Texas Christian University Welcomes Its Youngest Freshman Ever!

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On Monday, August 26th, over 1,500 freshman made their way to Texas Christian University's beautiful campus for the first day of a four-year journey, one from where they will all emerge as adults. The only exception? Carson Huey-You who will not even be eligible to drive when he graduates because he happens to be only eleven years old!

Teen Polyglot Has Mastered 23 Languages

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New York teen Timothy Doner, has an unusual hobby - He likes to learn languages! And not the way most of us do to get through basic school requirements, but thoroughly enough so that he can conduct a decent conversation. Over the last five years, the 17-year old has been able to master 23! While this has earned him the title of the world's youngest polyglot, he is still not satisfied.

New York's Molecule Cafe Sells Only One Beverage - Tap Water!

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We have heard of restaurants that sell only donuts or pastries or even a variety of beverages - But just water? That has to be a first. What's even more astonishing is that it is not some fancy water brought in from an exotic location, but just ordinary tap water that has apparently been super-purified.

A Cavity Free World? Now That, Would Be Cool!

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While a visit to any physician can be terrifying the one to the dentist has to be the worst of all. One never knows when he/she will shake their head in dismay and mouth out the dreaded 'C' word. However if two scientists have their way, cavities will be a word dentists will never be able to utter again.

Will The Next Generation Smart Device Come From Disney?

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When one thinks of cool smart technology, it is usually associated with companies like Apple Inc. or Microsoft. However, the latest revolution seems to be emanating from a rather unusual company - Entertainment giant Disney. Touché, a new technology unveiled recently by the company's Pittsburgh based research laboratory, is powerful enough to turn any object and even the human body, into a touch screen. Intrigued? Read on . . .

13-Year-Old Concocts Sweet Recipe For Pesky Hiccups

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At some point or another we have all tried to kill that sudden attack of hiccups with remedies that from eating a spoonful of sugar (yum!) to drinking upside down from a glass (awkward!) to even, placing a brown bag over our heads (desperate!). 13-year old Mallory Kievman tried all that and when nothing worked, decided to create something that did.

Video Of The Week - A 30-Story Hotel In 360 Hours

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Construction can be a slow laborious process - The bigger the building, the more time it takes right? Apparently not, if you take a look at this time-lapse video of a 30-story, 183,00 square foot T30 hotel that recently went up in China's Hunan Province - It's total construction time? A mere 360 hours!

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