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Fifth Grader's Random Molecule Creation Hailed As Scientific Discovery

When 10-year old Clara Lazan was assigned a classroom science project, neither she nor her teacher Kenneth Boehr, would have guessed that her random creation would be hailed as a scientific discovery, worthy enough to be published in a scientific journal.

Giant Escalator Become Mode Of Transport For Colombia's Shanty Dwellers

Imagine if after a long day at school, instead of jumping into a car, you were faced with 530 hard stairs? That is exactly what some of the poorest residents of the town of Medellin, Colombia had to face each and every day.

Flyboard Allows Humans To Frolic like Dolphins

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If you have ever wished to frolic in the ocean like a dolphin - Flying in and out of the water, without a worry in the world, you are in luck, thanks to this exciting new contraption, invented by water sport enthusiast Frank Zapata.

Namib Beetle Inspires Award-Winning Invention

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A young Australian is $15,000 USD richer and the proud winner of this year's prestigious James Dyson award, thanks to an invention that was inspired by the small Namib beetle, that resides in one of the world's most arid regions - The Namib Desert.

'Mini(Mize)' Your Paper Usage With This Mini Printer

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While the notion of a 'paperless' society has been floating around ever since the first computer was invented, the reality is far from that. Though we all try to consume our media on-line, there are times when we just have to print things out - And now, thanks to this handy dandy 'Little Printer', we may not feel as guilty about doing so.

World's Lightest Material Can Be Lifted By A Dandelion Fluff!

Researchers from the University of Irvine and The California Institute of Technology have created what they believe is the world's lightest material - One that can sit atop a Dandelion Fluff, without destroying its seeds.

Banana Peels - The New Water Purifier?

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While the banana peel has a reputation of just being a slippery hazard, it is actually useful for many things - Ranging from use as a fertilizer to curing warts and even, polishing shoes and silver. Now it turns out, that it can even help remove heavy metals from water.

PhD Student Invents Robotic 'Slave' For Eye Surgeries

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Operating on the eye, especially for things like retina repairs is one of the riskiest surgeries doctors perform - One where even a slight tremble of the hand could cost the patient his/her eyesight. Even experienced ophthalmologists who perform the surgery do it for only a limited number of years stopping, when they start to age.  Now, a researcher has come up with a smart solution - A robotic assistant that does all the delicate work without ever flinching!

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