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New York's 'Flying People' Become Instant Sensations

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On Friday January 27th, the residents of the Big Apple witnessed something quite out of this world - Three men gracefully flying around the skies of Lower Manhattan. Turns out, they were not ballet dancers with super human powers, but cleverly camouflaged radio controlled airplanes.

The Smurf Village Where Everything Is Blue - Except The Mood!

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Juzcar, a tiny village that lies along Spain's picturesque Costa Del Sol (Sunny Coast) used to be just like all the neighboring towns - A pristine white. Then in June of 2011, folks from Sony Pictures picked this little Malaga town from a pool of 200 candidates as the venue for the world premier of their upcoming movie, Smurfs 3D, and asked to paint entire town, a Smurf Blue!

Calling All Wallace And Gromit Fans

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If you are among the millions of people that love the quirky, yet useful inventions that always seem to show up in the Wallace and Gromit movies, you will not want to miss 'Wallace and Gromit present a World of Cracking Ideas', an interactive exhibition currently going on at London's Science Museum.

Star Wars Fans - 'Use The Force'

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Even if you are not a a Star Wars fan, at some point we have all wished we could Use The Force - that is, make something happen by merely thinking it.

The 22 Stars Of Marley And Me!

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By now most of you have seen or heard about Marley and Me, the colorful comedy, based on the true story of a journalist and his unruly but incredibly lovable dog Marley.

I Like To Move It Move It .............The Madagascar Team Is Back!

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The Madagascar gang is back in the theatres - Moving it, in their new sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman, the Giraffe, who all continue from where they had left off in the first movie.

Shrek Goes Abroad

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Our green ogre has become even more famous and will now be remembered forever.  Madame Tussauds, England's famous celebrity wax museum, recently unveiled their latest wax figure; a seven-foot, huggable sculpture of our lovable monster, Shrek.

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