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Scientists Discover First 'Homeless' Planet!

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Though scientists have always theorized about the possibility of a 'homeless planet', (one that is wandering around the Universe without being pulled by the gravity of a star), they had never been able to confirm the existence of one, until the discovery of this celestial body that astronomers are calling CFBDSIR2149.

Are Plants Crucial For Humans To Survive? This Scientist Is About To Find Out

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The fact that plants absorb harmful carbon dioxide and emit oxygen that humans need to survive, has been well documented for many years now. Despite that, we seem to continue to treat plants like second-class citizens - Something geologist Iaian Stewart is trying to change, by spending 48-hours inside a sealed box.

Astronomers Make A 'Gem' Of A Discovery - A Diamond Planet

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Just a few weeks ago, NASA's Kepler Spacecraft revealed a dark alien planet - Now, a collaboration of scientists from all over the world have announced something even more exciting - A diamond planet!

NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Discovers Dark Alien Planet

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Launched by NASA in 2009, the Kepler Spacecraft's main mission is to scout the Milky Way galaxy for planets similar to ours. Besides finding some interesting prospects, the spacecraft has also been able to detect a few other interesting celestial objects. However, few are as intriguing as its latest find - A mysterious dark alien planet that NASA scientists call TrES-2b.

How The Seahorse Got Its 'Curves'

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Scientists have often wondered why the seahorse, with its curvy neck and snout resembles a horse, to which it has no relationship, rather than its closest cousin, the straight bodied and rather ordinary looking - Pipefish. Now, a researcher believes he may have the answer and as is the case in any kind of evolution - It's to do with survival.

The Hottest Planet In The Universe Is . .

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A team of scientists led by Alex Smith from Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, recently revealed the discovery of what they believe is the hottest planet in our Universe. According to the researchers, the temperature on Wasp-33b, also known as, HD15082, measured in at a scorching 3200°C (5,792° F)!

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold - Have Scientists Finally Found The 'Goldilocks' Planet?

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It's not too hot, not too cold, not too large, not too small, not too far from its star, not too close . . . . . . In short, it is perfect, should we dare say it? To harbor life! At least that's the opinion of two smart astronomers - And many others seem to agree with them.

'Lava' Planet May Be Most Earth-Like

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For many years now, astronomers have been searching for a planet outside of our solar system that has a similar composition to Earth. However, the 330 extrasolar planets discovered so far, have either been composed of gas or been to far to ascertain the make-up.

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