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Alaska's Iditarod Gets Off To A Rocky Start - Literally!

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On Sunday, March 2nd, 69 Mushers and their team of 12-16 experienced sled dogs set off from Willow, Alaska, ready to tackle the below freezing temperatures, mounds of snow and ice, as well as, the dangerous terrain that they normally encounter in the Iditarod - an annual 1,000-mile sledge dog race from Anchorage to Nome. What they were not prepared for however, was spring-like temperatures which had transformed the normally snow-packed trail into a minefield of rocks and ice.

San Francisco's Wacky Bay To Breakers Race Attracts 30,000 'Runners'

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On Sunday, May 19th over 30,000 official competitors and thousands of unofficial ones, took to the streets of San Francisco, to participate in 102nd Bay to Breakers, the city's most famous road race. Started in 1912 to bring some cheer to the residents following the devastating 1906 earthquake, the unique event celebrates not only athleticism, but also, the fun-loving spirit of the residents of San Francisco.

Alaska's 41st Iditarod Race Begins With Ceremonial Start

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On Saturday, March 2nd, sixty-six mushers and their teams of between 12-16 dogs received a rousing send off from enthusiastic fans in Anchorage, Alaska, as they began the first-leg of the grueling world-renowned trail sled dog competition - The Iditarod!

Wacky Human Powered Airshow Flugtag, Celebrates Ten Years In The USA

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On Saturday November 10th, 2012, over 100,000 people gathered at San Francisco's McCovey Cove to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the US debut of Flugtag, a wacky airplane race in which hand built human-powered machines pit against each other to see how long they can 'fly' after leaping off an elevated flight deck.

Video Of The Week - Austin's Stiletto Stampede

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Austin's annual stiletto stampede is not a marathon by any stretch of the imagination, but it is not for the faint of the heart either. That's because the brave women and men that participate in the 100-yard sprint not only don pink hats, wigs and even fairy wings, but also, stilettos that sport a heel of at least 5-inches!

Is 'Tough Mudder' The World's Hardest Athletic Challenge? You Decide! (VIDEO)

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What can be tougher or more grueling than Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon or the Badwater Ultramarathon? How about Tough Mudder, a 12-mile obstacle course that drags contestants through mud, fire and even 10,000 volts of electric current.

The Nenana Ice Classic - A Fun And Lucrative Alaskan Tradition

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Who will win the $350,000 USD jackpot this year? Will it be one individual or will the bounty be shared by a number of people as was the case, last year? That, is the question on every Alaskan's mind as they anxiously await the results of the Nenana Ice Classic.

Wacky English Bed Race Celebrates 46 Years

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While there are some pretty wacky races out there, the Knaresborough Bed Race, which entails contestants, to not only dress themselves, but also, their beds in costumes, and then drag them through cobbled streets, up steep hills and across a river - has to be wackiest of all!

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