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'Read And Ride' Aims To Make Students Healthier And Smarter

Schools across the world are trying to come up with innovative solutions to keep students active and alert. Some are replacing conventional classroom chairs with exercise balls or standing desks. At Ward Elementary School in Winston, North Carolina students have adopted an innovative program that entails riding stationary bikes while reading.

It's Almost Pi(e) Day - YUM!

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For those detest that math, tomorrow is the one day the subject becomes slightly tolerable. That's because it's Pi day, which means that the celebration will most likely entail chowing down a few pieces of its yummier food namesake - pie!

When Teachers Become Students

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With the holiday break coming to an end, students are bracing for the tough schedule that lies ahead. And it's not just the academic challenges they are preparing for, but also mundane ones like keeping up with constantly changing schedules and getting to classes in time. What if teachers could start the New Year by switching sides and experiencing what their students go through? That is exactly what some educators at Burr and Burton Academy, an independent high school in Manchester, Vermont, did and what they discovered, can only be described as eye opening.

Utah High School Student Wins Car For Perfect Attendance

It is a great time to be a high school student in the US - Schools in Virginia are paying students to do well in Advanced Placement tests and now one in Utah is showering them with gifts, just for showing up!

'Pop-Up' Schools Provide A Glimmer Of Hope For Third World Countries

For those of us that live in the United States and other developed nations, good quality education is something we take for granted. But such is not the case in most third world countries. In places like Kenya, access to schools is severely limited and even those that do exist are producing  poor academic results. Now, thanks to an innovative 'out of the box' solution provided by Bridge International Academies, there may be hope.

3rd Grader's Unusual Answer To Math Problem Makes Headlines And Earns An A+

On Thursday May 24th, 2013, the third grade class at Columbus Elementary School in Oak Lawn, Illinois, was given a quiz to test their knowledge of multiplication by nines. Among them was nine-year old Maggie Ciara, a normally serious student, who as it turns out has a rather clever sense of humor.

Hi-Tech Floor Transforms Multi-Sport Gyms Into Multi, Multi Sport Gyms!

If your school is like most, chances are you have one gym that is used for maybe one or two sports - Most likely Volleyball and Basketball. And it's not because that is the maximum number of sports the gym can be scheduled for, but because all sports have different boundary lines and while the colors can be changed, it still gets a little confusing for athletes. Now, Germany's ASB Systembau has created an interactive floor that allow for the markings to be changed, instantly with a mere push of a button.

Minecraft As A Mandatory Subject In School? Sweet!

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Sweden has to be one of the coolest places for a kid to grow up in - First, they introduced the concept of schools with no grades or classrooms, then came Monstrum's amazing playgrounds and now, the coolest idea of all - 'Forcing' 13-year-olds to play Minecraft as part of the classroom curriculum.

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