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Video Of The Week - Spectacular Light Show 'Crumbles' Sydney's Opera House

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Every year, the Vivid Light, Music and Ideas Festival held at Sydney's Opera House transforms the already beautiful city into an even more spectacular canvas of light and music. The event, which this year takes place from May 25th - June 11th, is known for attracting the world's best performers, as well as, leading global intellectuals.

China's Ice And Snow Sculpture Extravaganza

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Now in its 26th year, China's annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, is one of the largest and most popular festival of its kind in the world. Held in Harbin, the capital of the Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China, the annual event attracts thousands of visitors each year, despite arctic-like temperatures.

The Carpart Sculptor

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While his school friends always suspected that James Corbett would end up as some sort of artist, he didn't find his true calling until 1999, when he began working for an auto recycling company at the age of 36!

Ice Sculptures Highlight Global Warming

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On Wednesday, a thousand little people were seen melting away in the sweltering heat at Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt Square - and there was no saving them, because these little guys were sculptures made out of ice by Brazilian artist, Nele Azevedo.

A Whole New Meaning To Gardening

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What do you have in your yard?  Some plants and outdoor furniture, perhaps? Add metal junk-based, homemade sculptures and you've got yourself Don Carlson and his wife Melissa Kane's porch in Richmond, California. And these are not just garden props - But crafty creations serve a purpose, from delicious barbecuing to innovative decor.

His Sculptures Rock!

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Since 1994, Bill Dan has been wowing the residents of San Francisco, California and the neighboring city of Sausalito with his amazing rock 'art' - if that's what one could call balancing different sizes of rocks on top of each other.

Chris Gilmour's Cardboard Art

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All sculptors have a favorite medium they like to work with. Some like marble, others bronze - for Chris Gilmour, it is the humble cardboard........and glue. For that's all he uses to build amazing sculptures irrespective of whether they are life-size or small replicas

The Harrison Hot Springs Sand Sculptures

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Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada is world-renowned for its 'World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition', held annually for the last 19 years. Three years ago, they introduced a second competition, 'The Tournament of Champions', where only winners of the past World Championships can compete.

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