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Video Of The Week - Garrett McNamara's Record Breaking Wave Ride

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The morning began as one of those rare days when Hawaiian-born Garrett McNamara did not really want to go surf. It ended, being the day when the 44-year old rode a wave that would get immortalize him forever in the Guinness World Records!

A Surfing Competition With A Creative Twist

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While exciting, surfing competitions are usually all about which athlete is successful in catching and riding the highest possible wave. However, at this recently held event in Cape Town, the surfers not only had to worry about riding waves, but doing it creatively by either wearing something outrageous or, using unconventional surfing boards.

Video Of The Week - Surfer Tames Monster Wave In Europe

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When it comes to riding giant waves, the two places that come to mind are Mavericks, off the coast of Northern California and Jaws, off the coast of Maui. Even the most famous surfing destinations in Europe, are rarely good enough to garner much respect.

Daredevil Surfer Rides 30ft. 'Jaws' Waves . . . . At Night!

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For most surfers, riding big waves even during the day, can be a little intimidating. Therefore, one can only imagine what it must have felt like for Australian big wave surfer Mark Visser, who made history on January 21st, when he surfed a 30ft. monster off the shores of Maui, Hawaii, in the wee hours of the morning.

Meet Ricochet, The SURFice Dog!

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Ricochet or Rip Curl Riki as she is often called, is a two-year old golden retriever, who was raised to be a service dog, one that could be a lifelong companion to a disabled person. However, her penchant for chasing after birds and other small animals dashed those aspirations, which was a good thing, because it led to her new career as . . . . . . .  A SURFice dog!

Tarp Surfing - The Latest 'Wave' In Surfing

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Surfing is one of the most addictive sports in the world. It is also, amongst the most restrictive - For not only do you need to live close to an ocean, but also, have ample free time to hang around for that perfect wave - Unless of course, you are Tarp Surfing!

Surfers Rush To Compete In Rare Big-Wave Surfing Contest

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Twenty-four of the world's most skillful and dynamic surfers converged to Oahu's Waimea Beach this week, to compete in the Quicksilver Big-Surfing competition, which began on Tuesday morning at 8.00am.

South African Surfers Set New Record

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What happens when a group of  surfers ride a single wave, simultaneously - They set a new world record of course! At least that's what happened to the surfing enthusiasts who got together at Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town, early last month.

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