Paleoanthropologists Unearth Our Ancestors

By Meera Dolasia on October 23, 2007

A Paleoanthropologists  (people who study history of ancient humans), recently discovered what they believe are the remains of the ancestors of the modern human being (Homo Sapiens), along the coastline on the southern tip of Africa. 

This was a significant discovery for many reasons. While Paleoanthropologists knew that the modern human had evolved from Africa, there had been very few archeological remains found to prove this fact. This discovery not only helped find where they had lived, but also how they had lived.


The artifacts found, helped depict a lifestyle much more modern than had ever been envisioned. These humans not only caught seafood like mussels and shellfish, but also cooked it, over hot rocks.


The scientists also found 57 pieces of reddish/pinkish brown rock that they believe may have been used like makeup.


A variety of tiny “bladelets”, or tools made from quartz (kind of rock) were also found. Archeologists believe that the bladelets were attached to the end of a stick to form a spear, or simply, used as cutting tools.


As to how these Homo Sapiens got out of Africa; there is a theory that they emerged in a single migration from here moving across the entire globe, arriving in Asia about 100,000 years ago. The next stop was Australia , about 50,000 years, followed by Europe about 30,000 years ago and finally to America 20,000 years ago.

Source: Washington Post

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  • Maddie3/11/2014
    Reply to grey: they mean that they used the rocks for like body and facial painting to symbolize their cultural ways and/or there tribe
    • coolman3/4/2014
      if this was real wouldnt we become more than just humans
      • Mr. Alien2/17/2014
        • llamaalpaca
          I'm not really sure it's true, because it's just a theory, the theory of evolution, but it seems pretty cool. There is an exhibit in the Museum of Natural History about that. First. there are these really short, monkey/humans. My art teacher, the chaperone on that trip, said that, I forget which figure, didn't always walk on land. They used to always live in the trees, but then, something made them come down. INTERESTING. YES< VERY INTERESTING
          • kittykaty
            yea its super cool i like it. The thing about the guys/animals in trees is especially cool i like it
            • brookelol
              cool :)
            • emilyflame789
              What an amazing discovery! I think the people died instead of leaving Africa. I wish I could see one!
              • lunamoonamare
                You know you see yourself and your friends because your one of the many Modern Homo Sapiens. Otherwise, become a paleoanthropologist and meet their bones in person.
              • Alyssa 12/9/2013
                THIS IS SO TRUE
                • Alyssa 12/9/2013
                  This IS SO TRUE
                  • 13autumn
                    This is so true.Because people found lots of bones of ancient mokines!!!
                    • Hey11/14/2013
                      So untrue we couldn't there is so much differnts like the toung
                      • lunamoonamare
                        Scientists take years to find this research and found bones so different than modern day skulls.
                      • catsaresooooooo10/18/2013
                        omg so not true because i thought we came from fishes, froggys, lizzerds, and fishys piiiiiieeeeeeee!
                        • creeperz030
                          that was before all this monkey stuff
                          • trex561
                            fist it was fish then the fish became frogs then lizards then monkeys and then humans



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