Fred Claus - Released In Theatres On Nov 9th

By Meera Dolasia on November 12, 2007

Fred Claus, which opened to mixed reviews this Friday, is about the adventures of the big Clause's elder brother, who to put it mildly, was not as "nice" or "good" as Santa Clause. 

The one review we received from dogo reader Kavi (5) was not very good. She gave it a 3-star rating and said the movie was "funny", but not "too funny", but she really liked the songs.

If any of you dogo readers has seen it and would like to send a review, write to us [email protected] and we will publish it in our next edition. 

Now sit back, relax and watch a preview of the movie:

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  • chralb
    I love this movie. I like the part where they fight in the sleigh. And when they dance. Best Christmas Movie to get you in the spirt. I got it last year and my elf on the shelf unwrapped it from the christmas tree so we watched it after school.
    • dominik11/13/2013
      best move ever
      • KJ9/30/2013
        I use the articles for my Current Events! Thanks, KJ
        • KJ9/30/2013
          I check this site every Wednesday....... :)
          • KJ9/30/2013
            VERY! such good articles! :) Lol
            • KJ9/30/2013
              No, It is about Santa's brother. Look at the article for referances. :)
              • la_eliza
                I luv this movie, it's sooo funny! :)
                • jodan8/4/2013
                  Ha ha ha ha lol
                  • ciara5/3/2013
                    haha very funny:)
                    • Sandra3/28/2013
                      Cool I love it

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