Smart Babies!

By Meera Dolasia on November 26, 2007

Next time you snatch a toy from your baby brother's or sister's hand be careful.  They can tell the difference between good and bad!

In this amazing experiment, scientists showed two videos to six month old babies; one with a "mean" square shape and the other with a "friendly" triangle shape.  When asked to chose between the two, all the babies went for the friendly triangle, leading scientists to believe that babies at a very young age seem to realize the difference between good and bad.  Quite fascinating!

Click and enjoy:

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  • cutehorse9
    Wow I wish my baby sis can do that.
    • dowen
      woooooooooow is cool
      • looc1/8/2014
        • otter
          • haha12/12/2013
            • Emma12/12/2013
              really great
              • Emma12/12/2013
                • Bella12/11/2013
                  • Varun12/11/2013
                    • kenneth888888812/10/2013

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