Miley Cyrus to write her memoirs

By Meera Dolasia on April 24, 2008

Miley Cyrus a.k.a Hannah Montana is too young to drive or vote.  She is however, not too young to write a book. Yesterday morning the 15-year old announced that she had signed a deal with the Disney Book Group to write her "memoirs".

The book is scheduled to be published in 2009 and will coincide with the release of the first "Hannah Montana" movie.

Miley is very excited about her new venture. She says the book will feature stories about her childhood, growing up in Tennessee, her family and her special relationship with her parents. She believes it will inspire kids to try live out their dreams. The book will also have lots of photos of herself including some embarrassing baby ones and her family and friends

Given Miley's fan following we have no doubt her memoirs will hit the best-seller lists as soon as they are published.

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  • gymnastluv2253
    She is completely crazy now.
    • smartbrain20
      her life used to be sooooo cool
      • David5/18/2014
        That's wierd
        • sassydiva3213/4/2014
          she use to be soooo pretty
          • shania1/22/2014
            miley cyrus is awesome duh
            • blossom951/18/2014
              • 16529231/9/2014
                thts cool
                • rainbowunicorn
                  I liked her better when she was Hannah montana, now she is just a mess.
                  • spinnypeeps
                    I completely agree with you. It's probably not het fault though, just Hollywood pressure. She still has some Hannah Montanna left in her, I bet.
                    • awesome3000
                      i agree.
                      • 70402
                        you are so right
                      • susie
                        • laila10/28/2013
                          it is cool!!!

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