Pre-Chewed Pencil Anyone?

By Meera Dolasia on December 12, 2008

Are you one of those people who is constantly gnawing on their pencils - if so, this one is for you. 

Now, thanks to a company called Concentrate, you no longer have to ruin your teeth. They will gladly sell you chewed up pencils - brand new of course.

The company, whose whole aim is to get students to focus in school, has come up with a lot of cool products after studying what distracts school children the most. 

Pencil chewing was pretty common and distracting, so the company decided to do it for them, allowing students to focus on the more important stuff - education!

The pencils, which retail for about $2.00 apiece can be bought directly from their website, The company also has other interesting products, all designed with the same motive. They include a chairpad bag, that is essentially a padded school bag which can be draped over the chair, so that kids can study comfortably.

Another interesting product is a bottlecoolerpenholder -  a jacket that fits over standard water bottles, and helps keep the water cold. 

While that in itself is cool, what is cooler is that the jacket doubles up as storage for pens and pencils. The idea behind it is to get kids to place it on their desk so that they remember to drink water.

As for teachers - the company has the perfect gift for them - Mugs of Authority.  Sold in singles or a pack of three, the coffee mugs depict the three most common sentences used by most teacher (and parents) - Stop Doing That, Don't Mess About and Put That Down. Now instead of constantly repeating themselves,  teachers can just point to the appropriate mug.

To see other fun stuff and read about their story, as well as, new product ideas they are working on, check out the company's website :


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  • coolkitty2/11/2014
    i want one
    • Carmela2/3/2014
      I don't think I want a chewed up pencil, but I'll take a water bottle jacket
      • hyper_monkey
        But wouldn't you just CONTINUE to chew the pencils. C'mon people, this is really the best you've got?
        • hai9/19/2013
          gimme one
          • hai9/19/2013
            mmm tasy
            • gasinskiz
              I do not know if I want a chewed pencil.
              • watercrystal
                man i totals need dis stuff, i mean i dont really need it.. i just want it!!! >:3
                • katie3/12/2013
                  some boy in m class chews litarly on every thing!!!!!He needs one BADLY
                • mlawesome
                  Uh... no thanks.
                  • abcdefghijklmno

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