Typewriter Art

By Meera Dolasia on January 17, 2009

For most of us a typewriter is a relic of the past. But for Keira Rathborne, it is a means to create really cool art.

The 25-year old graduate of fine-art, spends up to 90 hours creating each masterpiece, hammering away at various letters and punctuation marks thousands and thousands of times to get the right image.

Keira's drawings range from beautiful landscapes to famous celebrities like Tom Hanks and Kate Moss. Her favorite key for buildings and views is dashes and apostrophes, while for portraits she gravitates towards brackets.

All her drawings are done freelance with no sketched outline. And even whilst creating the pictures she doesn't move from left to right, like typing a letter, but focuses on building each portion completely, before moving to the next section.

Keira discovered her typewriter art skills quite accidentally, when she bought a $10 USD typewriter machine from a vintage shop to complete her college assignments. Her first piece of art was a simple eye which took her a long time. 

Now she can type-draw almost anything by just tapping with one finger - quite amazing!

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  • abigaild707
    • cc4/21/2014
      not cool
      • lionsrcute1
        • davenportdmen
          • Scott Highet12/10/2013
            This is intresting
            • susie
              she must be really talented!!!
              • mlawesome
                • sapphire
                  That is COSMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  • legend-of-zelda
                    wow I mean sure, not to brag but normally i draw really well but that is incredible....especially for A type Writer.....In one word..I am AWESTRUCK
                    • amelie
                      Wow.I can't even draw normally like that!

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