The Carpart Sculptor

By Meera Dolasia on December 4, 2009

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While his school friends always suspected that James Corbett would end up as some sort of artist, he didn't find his true calling until 1999, when he began working for an auto recycling company at the age of 36!

When one of his customers came in raving about a trophy made from gear sticks, James thought he could do a much better job and set about creating his first spare part sculpture - An off-road race buggy.

Encouraged by the positive response from his friends and family, his creative juices started to flow and he began making cars, birds and animals - all from used and new car spare parts.

They sold so rapidly, that he was soon able to quit his job and focus on his newly-found passion. Today, just ten years later, the Australian father of two, is a world renowned artist, whose sculptures sell for as much as $30,000USD.

While it takes James about two weeks to create each sculpture, it sometimes takes him much longer to find the 'right' spare part. Though he uses both new and old parts, he is especially partial to ones from old French and Germancars.

What makes his creations special is that his spare parts are never bent or molded to 'fit'  into his sculptures. Instead, he uses them as they are, maintaining the integrity of his raw material. Also, while he may repeat a subject, each sculpture is made from different spare parts, making every one of them unique.

To read more about this amazing artist and see additional sculptures, check out his website :,,

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  • shinedown
    • headream100
      Good artworks!
      • candy12892/27/2013
        i do this 4 current events
        • kittenlover100
          wow super cool
          • coco5/9/2012
            awesomely awesome
            • coco5/9/2012
              • yo5/8/2012
                • Trish5/8/2012
                  I really like it.
                  • beth901
                    luv the frog XD!!!!
                    • swirlylollypops
                      luv the frog! so cool!





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