11-Year Old Graduates With Top Honors

By Meera Dolasia on June 10, 2009

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Most 11-year-olds are just happy to have survived their first year of middle school. However, Moshe Kai Cavalin is not like most kids. He skipped elementary, middle and high school and went straight to college at the tender age of eight.

While Moshe's parents knew he was smart, they had never envisioned putting him in college this young. However, when they tried to enroll him in a private school at the age of 6, he was turned down, because he was so smart and the school was afraid he would be bored.

Turns out they were right - After home schooling the young lad for two years, the parents realized that he was ready for some real high-level courses. They approached East Los Angeles college, who agreed to take him in. However, until he proved himself, he could take only two courses - Math and Physical Education.

Moshe did not disappoint. He got A-pluses in both and hasn't looked back since. Later this week, he will graduate with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts with a 4.0 Grade Point Average. In fact, the young lad was so smart that he helped tutor his fellow math students, some of whom were a decade older than him.

While the world may hail him as a genius, his parents think he is just a normal boy who plays soccer and watches Jackie Chan movies.

Moshe now hopes to get into a prestigious four-year program and graduate in Astrophysics. However, before that, he is planning to take a little 'break' to pursue his other passion - Martial Arts, where he has won quite a few medals. He also plans to write a book to teach kids how to succeed in school and take scuba diving lessons.

Sources: nbclosangeles.com,topix.com,chicagotriibune.com

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  • doda dodo ding4/8/2014
    you like blew my mind its never amaricans who do things like that.......................................................................
    • krish10
      • 00someone00
        Wow. I got A+ on almost all my subjects, but that is SO little compared to his high GPA of 4.0 in college.
        • wats10/31/2013
          ok, why is this 4 yrs old
          • jthxduigjseug4/30/2013
            he must know what 1002776566575 divided by 227272727 is at the top of his head
            • hyper_monkey
              Is that even, um, POSSIBLE?!
              • hyper_monkey
                He's got to be, like, socially awkward. How does he make friends? Not that he doesn't seem like a good kid. He does. But, if it were me, I wouldn't want to be friends with someone that smart. It could be harmful to my self-confidence. I feel bad for him.
                • 00someone00
                  I know, right? I think that is so creepy to have a 11 year old in your class in college that is the top student.
                • Jillian4/26/2013
                  Hey, That's Not Nice!
                  • Hi4/26/2013
                    • emilyw
                      An 11-year old graduating college? NO WAY!! He must be REALLY smart!!!
                      • razzleberry209




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