Video Of The Week - The Amazing J. R. Celski

By Meera Dolasia on March 1, 2010

19-year old speed skater, J.R. Celski's road to the 2010 Winter Olympics was not easy. In September, whilst competing in 500m Olympic trials, the young speed skater lost control, crashing against the protective barrier so hard, that his right blade dug deep into his left thigh, creating a gash that required 60 stitches to piece back together.

Soon after, the 19-year old found out that he had earned enough points to qualify him for the Olympic speed skating team.

However, with doctors skeptical about Celski's ability to walk, let alone speed skate, his future seemed bleak.

But this young teen was not going to let a minor injury keep him from his dreams. After consulting with a leading orthopedic surgeon, he started a grueling rehabilitation program and not only did he compete in three Olympic events, but also, came home with a bronze medal!

Watch the youngster as he talks about life after the Olympics and beyond speed skating, in his interview with young reporter, Brennan La Brie. To read more abiout this great athlete check out his website:,

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  • keniyah kaysandra lusk niyah ni3/2/2010
    he is so brave
    • cutie3/2/2010
      he is so brave
      • Erin3/1/2010
        he is cool
        • Skittles3/1/2010
          I like Apollo Ohno!
          • cool3/1/2010
            I think I saw him on TV!

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