Nadal And Federer Battle It Out On A Soaking Court!

By Meera Dolasia on January 4, 2011

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Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have competed on grass, clay and cement courts - But a water court? That has to be a first! However, the tennis champions proved that if necassary, they could walk er play on water too!

The epic one-time match that took place on January 2nd atop a court which at times seemed to be sinking into the waters of Qatar's Doha Bay, was a publicity stunt to promote the Qatar Open Tennis Championships that began on January 3rd.

Though the two players valiantly tried to battle it out, as you will see from the video, it was a far cry from their normally fierce matches. With both barely daring to move on the soaking court for fear of slipping, the match resembled at best, a leisurely game of paddle tennis.

While there is no word on who won or if the players even kept score, both seemed to be in great spirits at the end of the game. However, do not expect the same congeniality later this week, when they face each other on Qatar's Plexicushion hard courts. With Nadal fighting to hold on to his top seed position and Federer trying to reclaim what has been his spot for many years, it is guaranteed to be much more exciting than this match.


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  • icecream967
    It seems super hard
    • hunter5
      how do you play on water the ball wouldnt bounce so cool
      • MINECRAF NOOB1/28/2013
        I had practice over water very hard must keep balance
        • Rockstar11/8/2012
          i wish i was playing on the court too!!!!
          • Janna10/22/2012
            MMM...... Interesting
            • fish1027
              Soo cool
              • Kay-Kay4/18/2012
                I`m taking tennis. I lucky our practice isn`t OVER WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                • ma4/18/2012
                  OMG! I have never seen that!
                  • izzysk8er
                    • Sam!!3/10/2012




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