New York City Canines Get Into The Halloween Spirit

By Meera Dolasia on October 31, 2011

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While there are many Halloween dog parades held all over the country, one of the biggest and most elaborate is the one held at New York City's Tomkins Square Park. Now in its 21st year, this is one where owners and their pooches seem to go through extraordinary lengths, to win the title of  'Best in Show'.

This year was no exception. On Saturday October 22nd, over 500 dogs and their doting owners came together and waited patiently for their five minutes of fame in costumes that ranged from the ordinary to those that were well - A little over the top!

There was a painful looking pincushion, a runaway bride a bulldog strong man complete with weights and even, an aircraft carrier. 

The entertainment world was represented by a Lady Gaga wannabe dressed in a red and white replica of the entertainer's attire from the 2009 Video Music Awards - Which not surpringly, took home the prize for 'best dressed'.

Hollywood was not forgotten either - With a tiny pooch emulating Black Swan star Natalie Portman, complete with a tutu.

New York and its public transportation system were full represented too, with a pooch dressed as the city itself, another as its subway and a third, as an M23 bus with its little owner lugging behind as passenger. The cute duo impressed the judge's enough to win the coveted 'Best of Show'. Unfortunately, by the time the announcements were made, neither was around to claim the prize and bask in their few minutes of fame. 




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  • tomlover9/28/2014
    so cute
    • spinnypeeps
      That is ADORABLE! (squeal!)
      • spinnypeeps
        My favorite part of Halloween is CANDY! What about you?
        • happypug12
          Yeah, I like the candy. In my neighborhood, the community is all invited over for some yummy pizza!
      • coolnicki477
        awww they look so cute in their costumes:) I love the small one with the bright bumblebee costume
        • coolnicki477
          I cant wait!! Halloween is only a month away!
          • awesomereporter
            Hey... Wonder if that IS her dog?! :-3
            • awesomereporter
              That white and black dog wearing the tie and suit looks EXACTLY like my friends dog!!! She lives in NY.
              • awesomereporter
                That is SOOO adorable!!! :->
                • mcunningham92
                  to cute
                  • bibliophile
                    Oh my gosh!!!!! They're so adorable!!!!!




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