Video Of The Week - The Day After Halloween

By Meera Dolasia on November 7, 2011

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While Halloween is fun, the next day is even better. That's because while the former is all about accumulating as much candy as one can get, it is on the day after that we all get to peacefully sort out our loot and savor, it one piece at a time.

Now imagine how it would feel to wake up in the morning only to find that your parents have eaten every last piece of your hard-earned candy. That's what these poor kids had to face and the reactions as you will see, are quite hilarious.


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  • Jay1009/17/2014
    let me have it guys
    • jordan2300
      so cool
      • Yulia9/7/2014
        I loved "dad your ugly","gasp you sneaky mom". And "2+2=5" ha ha ha my sister did too.
        • migoty
          Why did they black out the faces
          • moonraven
            YOU SNEAKY MOM! XD
            • jazzyhands
              I like these parts: "Daddy you're UGLY!" "Two plus two equals... five!" and "*gasp* You SNEAKY MOM!"
              • julie-smoothie
                that was very funny "you sneaky mom"
                • wildchild999
                  That is so mean! But, it was FUNNY! 2+2 =5 ha! Also daddy r u ugly! 😭waaaaaaa! Ha!
                  • headream100
                    That is just way cruel
                    • karen18646
                      i love the kid that knew that his parents didnt steal his candy and knew it was a joke and didnt fall for it1! so smart



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