Video Of The Week - The Lawnmower Grand Prix Is On!

By Meera Dolasia on May 23, 2011

If your lawnmower is gathering dust in the storage shack, then it's time to think about entering the Grand Prix - Not the Formula One kind of course, but the lawnmover kind. At least that's what grown men in Britain do from June to October and, it sure sounds like a lot of fun!

As the name indicates, lawnmower racing, which began in 1973, involves drivers racing against each other on an even field riding their gardening machines. To make it as fair as possible, competitors are allowed to make very few modifications to their racing machines - The biggest of which involves removing the blades.

To ensure that every lawnmower owner gets a fair shot, the race is divided into three categories - Group 2 for people who have lawmnowers with seats, Group 3 for those with machines that resemble a buggy and Group 4 for the real serious ones with the large lawn tractors. What will they think up of next!


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  • jr2300
    • STEVE4/10/2014
      it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • dj73942
        looks awsome
        • that_weird_guy
          looks fun
          • jai42
            • Rhea3/6/2014
              It looks really fun
              • Heather3/4/2014
                Wow but is't that way to darngrose?\
                • ezecool12
                  • Ryan 12312/9/2013
                    That looks awsome i whant one so i can get muddy.
                    • astiff
                      cool i want to do that

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