If The World Was A Village of 100 People . . . . .

By Meera Dolasia on June 8, 2011

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How often have we heard of statistics like 20% of the world's population lives below the poverty level or 14% are illiterate? While profound, for most of us, it is hard to visualize how severe the issue really is. To make it simpler to understand, Hong Kong based graphic designer Tobt Ng has created a series of designs dubbed the 'World of 100'.

The set of 20 posters graphically depict all these confusing statistics using the assumption that the world comprises of a village of just one hundred people - The result as you can see, is both entertaining and quite illuminating.

These are some stunning statistics, aren't they? To see the rest of his posters go to http://www.toby-ng.com/graphic-design/the-world-of-100

Resources: oculoid.com

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  • :(8/18/2014
    SO SAD!!!!!
    • grace7/19/2014
      that is sad for the water one and people having no college education
      • mindy910
        that is sad
        • smartbrain20
          the pizza one is awesome and cool and what will happen when everyone starts eating pizza what will happen next everyone would dye or have type 2 diabetes creapy
          • sheep
            • vonicat
              I was really surprised about the education, I was raised believing that you must to go to college when you are older so I was really surprised that out of a hundred only 1 person would go. Also, it seems fine to only have 1 person that is dying of starvation (because you know that it actually happens in the world) but it's only out of a hundred and the world population is exactly 7,233,519,289 so just wow!
              • rozeb
                Wow. That is just amazing. I would be so shocked. I mean, only 13 people in the Americas? That would be one big country. If you know what I mean.
                • shinedown
                  • iamacow
                    Not many people have diplomas right?
                    • nori989
                      This is so cool my also saddening in a way




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