It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's An Alien Spaceship?

By Meera Dolasia on October 27, 2012

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Over the years many people have spotted UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) flying across the skies and immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were alien spacecrafts. However, the claims have either been unsubstantiated or the object has turned out to be something man-made. But the latest sighting over the skies of Eastern Kentucky has not only been caught on tape, but also, so far not been claimed by anybody on Earth.

Resembling two florescent lights joined together the UFO was witnessed by many locals and caught on tape by amateur astronomer, Allen Epling. The Vergie, Kentucky resident said that his wife and he were entertaining some friends on the afternoon of Tuesday October 16th, when the granddaughter of one the guests noticed what she believed was a cool-looking airplane.

Allen said the mysterious object that resembled a bright daylight star, would intermittently get brighter and visible to the naked eye and then dim down and disappear from view. What intrigued him was that it seemed to be able stay at the high altitude for a long period of time without any apparent propellers or propulsion system.

So what was this strange UFO? Nobody knows! So far everybody from the US Department of Defense to the local airport authorities has denied having anything remotely like this in the skies on that particular day.

This has the believers in the existence of alien societies buzzing with excitement They think that the two florescent light bulbs were large Lightships and the flying object was an alien spaceship from the Ashtar Galactic Command. Allen is not too sure about that. He still believes it was something man-made - Just not sure what and who sent it there!

What do you think? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below!


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  • Aliens9/20/2014
    • glamgirl101
      "????????L???LOL it wouldn't do THAT!!!
      • mitchminer
        A- L- I- E- N- !
        • jwacko
          Whatever that is I wanna be it's friend
          • Alston3645/28/2014
            That's crazy
            • ryan120
              Camera trick it's fake
              • jackhackmc
                But Other locals saw it Now how dose that work. Your move
              • Agreed5/16/2014
                "Name" could be correct, and I agree. People always go crazy over aliens, so fake ones are normal. Take the Loch Ness Monster, for example
                • Name5/16/2014
                  its fake it could be a green screan and and a light stick duh
                  • bossmanalazar
                    thats cool but hard to beileve
                    • Jacqueline4/30/2014
                      omg they are real because i saw a video of 2 people were hiking ,a big rock landing cracked open and an alien came and attack the guy and woman to see the video its called'' real alien caught on tape on a hiking trip''
                      • super_jeep
                        it might have been a fake




                      Eastern KentuckyVergie, Kentucky

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