Will Tiny Beyoncé Replace Boo As America's Favorite Puppy?

By Meera Dolasia on March 29, 2012

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Move over Boo, here comes Beyoncé - the world's cutest and probably tiniest puppy! The last born of five siblings, the female Dachshund mix dog was so small when born, that she weighed just one ounce and could fit on a spoon. Now two week old, the cutie can still comfortably fit atop a credit card or even, an iPhone.

Though Beyoncé, is now in good care, such was not the case just a short time ago. Her mother, a one-year-old dog named Casey was abandoned by its owner in San Bernardino, California, whilst she still pregnant.

The stray dog was picked up and placed in a dog pound, who believe it or not, were planning to put her down, because they did not have enough room to accommodate the mother and her soon to be born litter. Fortunately, a last minute plea was answered by Grace Foundation, a rescue center in El Dorado Hills, California, who agreed to take in the soon-to-be-mother.

However, that was not the end of Beyoncé's ordeal. When born, she was so small that the veterinarian, Dr. Michael Russell, thought she was stillborn - She had no heartbeat and was not breathing! He tried giving her heart compressions, but nothing worked.

Just as he was about to declare her dead, his assistant Beth De Caprio jumped in and began performing a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. While it was not the most pleasant thing to do, it did clear the tiny dog's lungs and she began taking a few small breaths and then one large one - That's when they knew they had managed to save her! They decided to name this brave dog, who survived against all odds, Beyoncé because of the famous singer's super-hit song 'I am a survivor'.

The puppy still has to be bottle fed every hour because her mouth is so small. Though much smaller then her siblings, she is healthy and has even gained over three ounces. While Beyoncé, who is not expected to grow heavier than 1.5 pounds, is not officially the world's tiniest dog, the center has sent in a fast track application to the Guinness Book Of Records, to see if she can snag the title from six-year old Chihuahua, Boo Boo who is 4 inches tall and weighs 1.5 pounds!

The best news of all is that this little, soon to be famous cutie, is looking for a permanent home - Something to keep in mind just in case, you are in the search for a super cute pet!  

Resources: Telegraph.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk

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  • hi1!!1!11!4/8/2012
    he/she is so darn cute
    • kittylord101
      OMG! she is so cute! she should totaly replace that little furball boo!
      • Bobbi4/8/2012
        Sorry. She is cute but not as cute as Boo
        • midnight
          YAHOO FOR YOU!!!
        • Taylor4/7/2012
          That dog is pretty small and a bit cute. Who left Beyoncé's mother is very sad right now. He or she could have the world's second smallest dog! I read an article on the world's biggest dog once. I wonder what's the name of the world's smallest dog . I also wonder if there is any stuff that cats did that is great. Bye
          • Boo Rules4/7/2012
            Oh no you di'nt girlfriend. Beyoncé, you maybe cute, but Boo's power is BY FAR better than your cuteness. FEEL BOO'S POWER OF AWESOME CUTENESS!
            • HiHi4/7/2012
              that dog is so cute!
              • amir4/7/2012
                he is so cool
                • peachypie
                  im sad it couldnt breath but super cute
                  • lia0128
                    Beyonce is so cute! Only 2 inches? How does that changes to centimeter? However, Beyonce is my favorite! The pictures are so cute! She is so cute
                    • Anonymous4/7/2012
                      ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! she's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!




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