The Countdown To Free Comic Book Day Has Begun!

By Meera Dolasia on May 1, 2013

CCSS Grades: K-5 Word Search

Attention all comic book lovers! Saturday May 4th, 2013, is Free Comic Book Day! Yes, that means you can get one (or more) free comic book(s) by simply visiting a participating retailer. The best part is, that the occasion is not just celebrated in the USA, but also, Canada and many other countries around the world.

Now in its 11th year, the annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of May, is a collaboration between comic publishers, retailers and distributors. It started as a way to introduce new readers to comic books and the neighborhood store that stocks them. Since 2002, vendors have given away over 12 million special free comic book editions annually, and the numbers are only growing.

The selection changes every year and while not all comic books are free, there is something to suit everyone's taste. Among the ones being given away this year, is a Superman Special Edition, the Smurfs and for the younger ones, Sesame Street and Strawberry Shortcake.

Even if none of the freebies appeal to you, do try visit the store especially if you happen to be a comic book fan, because almost every comic book will be sold at a discounted price on this special day.

And in case you sense some reluctance from your parents, assure them that even the experts believe that comics are really good for learning. To find out if a store near you is participating and to look at the entire free comic book selection, go to


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  • cozer123
    • brendanw
      if you want to see superman MANIA go to Metropolis, Illinois
      • indgot
        Comic books are awesome
        • kitty247
          i am so doing that
          • It's Me5/23/2013
            I wish they had that for candy!!!!!!!!!!!
          • shayqawn5/20/2013
            its cool
            • greekgeek
              it looks cool
              • greekgeek
                a boy in my class said something about this.
                • Louie Loser5/15/2013
                  For FREE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!??!/!?!??!?!?!
                  • :05/15/2013



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