Granny Prix Multiplication

By Meera Dolasia

Granny Prix Multiplication

We have all heard of the Grand Prix, but Granny Prix? This is a totally radical game where you can customize your granny to look quite hip and then help her win the race against other people in a wheelchair. All you have to do is answer the multiplication questions correctly!

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  • yo6/17/2014
    • xxunknownxx
      I can beat anybody at Granny Prix Multiplication
      • hmmm5/11/2014
        this game is realy fun although the grannys look wierd.
        • gilbert26
          This is super awesome and kind of funny!
          • merry10/31/2012
            it is crazy auesome cool. oh and happy holloween .
            • I LOVE ARIANA X10/24/2012
              this game is so funny and it helps you learn xx
              • gilbert26
                I love this game it is super fun!! :)
                • molly10/6/2012
                  love it it is easy i loe my granny
                  • Farzana9/25/2012
                    I always win at this game
                    • biljana123
                      lol not

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