By Meera Dolasia


Need help with those mad-minute math tests or just want to brush up some basic skills? Here is a great site that will help you do that. The best part is that real teachers monitor your progress and give you feedback on the skills that you have aced and the ones that still need some work - All for free!

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  • mw8/28/2014
    it doesnt really show your improving when you make a lot of wrong answers on your second try you get a low score like 80 and before you have like 90 see no improving
    • bibliophile
      • c001g33k
        If you wanna have fun this summer and your parent(s) isn't a teacher, then tell your parents that cool math games (search it on google) helps you learn your math facts faster than Xtra math. If they let you, click the first result on google, and congratulations! You can have fun this summer! My mom is a teacher so it won't work for me :( Coolmath games is an excuse to play games at school instead of xtramath My favorite game is Run 2 :P
        • c001g33k
          Xtra math is ruining my summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: I already know my math facts and xtra math just wastes time
          • saniyah6/14/2014
            yeah I am very epic geuss who I like
            • cdkr63
              that was epic
              • foodgirl
                I like and hate xtramath
                • california1
                  i tried it. it was fun! now i got another account
                  • cat6
                    I think I might try this
                    • cat6
                      Apparently you have to have a parent and/or teacher account to sign up. No worries- I'm pretty sure mom will go for it!
                    • salmallama7844/20/2014
                      In my opinion I think XtraMath is the most frustrating thing I've done in school :( My recommendation is to not do it or start it.
                      • c001g33k
                        Xtra math is ruining my summer :(
                        • cat6
                          Is there a thumbs-down button?

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