By Meera Dolasia


Need help with those mad-minute math tests or just want to brush up some basic skills? Here is a great site that will help you do that. The best part is that real teachers monitor your progress and give you feedback on the skills that you have aced and the ones that still need some work - All for free!

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  • salmallama7844/20/2014
    In my opinion I think XtraMath is the most frustrating thing I've done in school :( My recommendation is to not do it or start it.
    • anmol
      awesome and very cool when we had it for free
      • zebrapeace1103
        I had an account, it is awesome! was on 1.5 second division
        • Anonymous2/11/2014
          I hate Xtramath. It ruined school for me. It is hard and frustrating and it's not fun. NEVER DO XTRAMATH.
          • Hipman2/5/2014
            I hate xtramath it is hard
            • austin187
              i have done this in 4th grade.
              • gap430
                I even have a pin or you can call it an account. My teacher makes my class do it every day
                • austin187
                  I did it in 4th grade
                • izzyherayo
                  I am trying it right know, it seems interesting
                  • mew1/21/2014
                    i really hate xtramath
                    • musicgirl
                      THIS helps me alot give it a try i CAN'T mimerise math facts i geuts there is a problem but give it just 20 minites a day for a week then stop can you don't care if you don't but........

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                      salmallama784 wrote:

                      In my opinion I think XtraMath i...