IXL- Math

By Sona Dolasia

IXL- Math

IXL is a great site for math whether you are 5 or 13. Start learning by either picking your grade or, if you live in the US, picking your State, so that you can practice based on your particular State standards. And, if you get stuck on a problem, the site also offers the solution and an explanation to help you out.

Go to kids site
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  • smileyface4life
    i have this 4 homework it helps me alot!!
    • anmol
      very cool
      • zebrapeace1103
        it rocks
        • supsauce102
          I am on there everyday for 1 hour and 30 minutes. helps me a lot.
          • rayray2004ray
            i do 1 hour each week
            • bbooo
              I love tis website it rocks
              • quinn03
                Most of the kids in the school I go to have log-ins! It does help you alot with math!
                • wordnerd7
                  My teacher has the class subscribed, it is soo fun! Helped me keep arm some new things:)
                  • domonic10/14/2013
                    ixl.com is hard
                    • shaksa
                      i love this i use to do this

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