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The bee movie, scheduled for release in theatres on Friday, Nov 2nd, is about a bee that decides to leave his hive and is befriended by a florist. He is shocked to find that humans "steal" honey from the hives and eat it. Outraged, he decides to sue all the humans.

The film, which took four years to make, stars famous comedian Jerry Seinfield, who also co-wrote and produced it. Jerry said making an animated movie, was one of the hardest things he had ever done.

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  • fortnitemachine
    fortnitemachinealmost 4 years
    i love this movie it is so cool i enjoy this epic movie
    • Meme manalmost 4 years
      The bee movie is meme now I mean come on this is 2019.
      • some one almost 4 years
        i love this movie
        • makenayeetalmost 4 years
          I know im super duper late but yeet
          • dogloveralmost 4 years
            • Barryalmost 4 years
              You like jazz??? Lol it was the one scene from the bee movie. The movie is great and you should watch it.
              • popcorn3354
                popcorn3354almost 4 years
                • rosealmost 4 years
                  • justinalmost 4 years
                    • @lexalmost 4 years
                      You like jazz