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As you prepare your Christmas shopping list, don't forget your pet! Increasingly it seems people in the US and around the world are adding their dogs or cats to their Christmas lists and not just for any stuffed animal picked up at the grocery or pharmacy, but for high-end gifts from exclusive stores.

Watch the video below to get ideas about what to buy your pooch or tabby!

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  • gold3nglare
    gold3nglareabout 2 years
    Omg! I love it!
    • Silvanaalmost 4 years
      so cùte can I have him 💕
      • bellalmost 4 years
        So cute❤❤
        • Tocuteabout 4 years
          This picture is way too cute to look at.
          • AnnieLeblanc about 4 years
            have 2 dogs giving them 10 stuff i love them so much
            • wolfdog
              wolfdogover 4 years
              Gonna give my husky puppy something good for xmas :]
              • Zachover 4 years
                that is cute
                • Evelynover 4 years
                  #cute thats sooooo cuuuteeeee
                  • bellaover 4 years
                    # cute
                    • Pug lifeover 4 years
                      Pugs are the best creature I have a dog called Bruno but no pug {‘’-“}