Photo Credit: birdy via Wikipedia Commons

Talk about snail mail! A card sent on December 23rd, 1914 from Alabama took 93 years to travel to what should have been a 750-mile journey to its final destination in Oberlin, Ohio.

The Christmas card was sent to Ethel Martin, who used to live in Oberlin from her cousins in Alabama. Since Ethel is no longer alive, the Post Master in Oberlin wanted someone from her family to have it. That is how it ended up with Bernice Martin, Ethel's sister-in-law, who lives in NorthwestKansas.

To add to the mystery, the card was mailed from Chicago, Illinois. Nobody knows how the card got to Chicago or where it has been all these years or why someone bothered to put the correct postage and mail it after all these years. Whatever the reason, this will be a great story for Ethel's family to talk about every Christmas, for years to come.