Welcome to 2008! We wish all our DOGONews readers the very best in 2008. Let's kick back with a glass of sparkling Apple Cider and enjoy the spectacular shows from all across the Globe.

We start with Sydney, Australia which was one of the first countries in the world to usher in the New Year. About a million people came to watch this spectacular show on the Sydney Harbor. Click and enjoy:

The folks in London welcomed 2008 in great style. After 51 weeks of planning, months of working on the design and a whole week of night-time construction, London was finally ready to welcome 2008 with an eleven-minute spectacular fireworks show which cost 100,000 British Pounds a minute or over one Million British Pounds total. Enjoy!

New York celebrated the arrival of 2008, with it's traditional ball drop at Times Square. This was the 100th anniversary of the 700-pound ball drop and this year the theme was energy conservation. However, thanks to new energy saving technology, this year's Waterford crystal and mirrors studded ball used less energy but, was twice as bright as last year's! Enjoy the show:

And for the Grand Finale ! - a clip from all the spectacular displays in the world: