Tim and Jackie Ferrier love to entertain and invite guests for meals. On any given morning, afternoon or night, they may have up to 29 of them clucking, heehawing, barking, meowing and even neighing at each other. For the guests they invite, are not of the human kind but their menagerie of pets.

The Ferrier's, both animal lovers moved to a five-acre property in the English countryside in order to have more pets. Over the years, they have acquired four dogs, three cats, two sheep, two donkeys, a horse and a colt, four ducks, eight hens and even a cockerel.

Since the beginning, they have maintained an open door policy with their pets, which means they walk in and out of the home whenever they feel like it.

While the other animals stroll in and out, the donkeys, especially Holly, love to hang around the house and watch Jackie go about her day. In fact, Tim and Jackie even set a place for them at the table so that they don't have to feed the animals whilst having their meal.

Holly seem to have a particular liking for French toast and even gets her own box for Christmas, whilst the horses, Polly and Charlie are partial to bananas, cookies and sandwiches.

Though the two Ferrier kids, James (12) and Lucy (9) are used to the constant chaos in the house, their friends are often a little bemused to see the constant stream of four-legged guests walking around the house. But Jacki and Tom say that life would be to boring without these distractions.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk