In his 30-year career, spanning 60 countries, American photo-journalist Jeffrey R. Werner has covered some incredible stunts for both, television and film. He now brings them all together in a book entitled "Incredible Stunts: The Chaos, Crashes, and Courage of the World's Wildest Stuntmen and Daredevils with a Special Tribute to Evel Knievel".

The book, which became available in stores last week, is the first in a series of coffee table books that Jeff plans to publish. Here is a sneak preview of some of the stunt pictures included in the book.

In this stunt, Tracy Smith rocketed his bike over a 150-ft burning cardboard tunnel. The photograph was taken with an unmanned camera situated on top of a fire truck. The temperature around the tunnel was almost 2,000 degrees.

In this stunt, Eddie Kid, an experienced stunt rider jumped over the Great Wall of China, a distance of about 25 ft. What the photograph does not capture, is a wooden ramp, balanced over a deadly river that is set up as Eddie's landing pad. Fortunately, he managed to land safely and walk away unhurt.

Professional stuntman, David Danger made this 160ft jump over the wingspan of a large passenger airplane, for a television show called I Dare You.

Tom Owen didn't think it was enough to have an empty truck roll over his stomach - he insisted they fill it with 20 kids. Miraculously, he escaped with just a couple of broken ribs.

While all these stunts look incredible, they are performed by men and women who have a lot of practice - In other words, don't try them at home!