Frankie is a beautiful two-year old tom cat with a slight problem. He just can't keep away from stuffed toys - even those that do not belong to him.

His owner, Julie Bishop who got Frankie from a farm in Wilshire, when he was just a newborn, has no idea where the tom cat picked up his toy-lifting habits. But in the last year, this pitch-black feline, who goes in an out of the cat door as he pleases, has picked up 35 soft toys, 15 of which are the same leopard.

And it's not as if he even plays with them. He simply deposits them at the same spot in the living room and then goes out to look for more. Besides the leopards, his hauls include teddy bears, a giant squeaky beefburger and even two green witch's hats.

Julie has no idea where he gets the toys, but is assuming he visits some of the neighbors quite frequently. In order to return some of Frankie's loot to their rightful owners, she has plastered posters all over the town of Swindon - But so far there have been no claims. Meanwhile, Frankie continues his quest for more, working hard - day and night!