Knut, the German polar bear became an instant darling all over the world in 2006, when he made headlines, after his mother rejected him at birth. People flocked to see him, bought Knut merchandise, and followed his day-to-day life via his online blog.

Two years later, Knut may not be as cute or cuddly, but this 450 lbs bear still garners a special place in the hearts of the locals in Berlin, as was evidenced last Friday, when thousands of fans flocked to the zoo to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

According to Knut's blog, (, he had planned to spend the day entertaining himself with all his favorite things, which include playing ball and eating a lot - and that is exactly what he did.

His day started off with a Happy Birthday song, sung to him by all the fans who had gathered around his enclosure.

After listening to them politely, the big bear opened his present - a cloth bag marked with his name and the number 2. Inside, were all his favorite treats - lots of fish and a vegetable ice cake.

Following a hearty breakfast, Knut decided to entertain and impress his guests with his soccer skills. After a few false starts he managed to head-kick one ball to his audience, drawing loud cheers from his adoring fans.

This second birthday was extra-special because it will probably be Knut's last celebration at the Berlin Zoo. For Knut is now much too big for the area that he currently resides in, and the Zoo cannot afford to spend the money it would take to re-locate him to more spacious quarters.

Besides, he needs a friend to hang out with. The zoo officials are therefore trying to find a better home for Knut. The most likely prospect is the Gelsenkirchen Zoo, which not only has more room, but also a polar bear club and a three-year old bear called Lara, who can't wait to hang with the famous Knut.