Next time you eat your frosted flakes, be sure to examine them - two sisters from Chesapeake, Virginia did and found a flake that resembled the State of Illinois, USA. They put if up for sale on Internet auction site Ebay - and you will not believe how much they sold it for!

It all began about two weeks ago, when 15-year old Emily McIntire (pictured here), was rushing to school with a handful of frosted flakes. As she was stuffing them in her mouth, she noticed a giant flake, which was shaped exactly like Illinois.

At their parent's suggestion, she and her 23-year old sister decided to put it for sale on Ebay, under the listing, 'The Great Illinois Corn Flake'. Ebay however, asked them to take the listing down as it does not allow "food" items to be auctioned on it's site. Not deterred, the sisters re-listed it as a coupon, which could be exchanged for the flake. The girls then waited with their fingers crossed until the auction closed a week later. The winning bidder was Monty Kerr from Texas, who paid a whopping $1,350.

Monty, who has a traveling museum, was looking for items to add to his collection of "pop culture and Americana items", and thought this flake, would be a perfect addition. The McIntire sisters are thrilled, and are planning to use the money for a family vacation and ......... to buy lots more boxes of frosted flakes of course!