'If it's difficult it's worth doing' - that's the mantra of the folks at Japanese car company Honda Inc. They certainly proved it with this amazing new advertisement, broadcast live in England on Thursday night.

Nineteen skydivers, each with cameras, jumped off an airplane in Spain and formed the words H-O-N-D-A, while floating in the air, before opening their parachutes and landing safely.

Conceived by British Television Channel 4, the advertisement was filmed and broadcast live, during a popular TV Show.

While the skydivers had performed a practice run the night before, nobody was sure it would work on live television, and the television station had the taped a version of the earlier one, just in case. However, as you will see from the pictures and the video, it all worked our flawlessly.

The advertisement, which cost $1,000,000 U.S. Dollars to make, featured some of the best skydivers in the world. They included the current European champion, Phil Curtis, four world champions and nine national skydiving champions.

What a feast for the eyes! If you think the pictures are amazing, wait till you see the video! We think this is one of the best advertisements we have ever seen - Let us know what your think by adding your comments below.

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