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Photo Credit: Omaha Park, Osaka

No, we are not talking about the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavor, but a serious issue facing officials at the Omaha Park in Osaka, Japan. Thanks to the constant feeding of junk food by tourists, monkeys residing here have become obese.

The normal weight of the Macaca mulatta monkeys who live in the wild is about 22lbs. At the Omaha Park, however, a third of the fifty animals that live here weigh a lot more than that, ranging from 32 lbs to the heaviest one that now weighs 55 pounds. This male monkey is so overweight and so hooked on junk food that all he does is shuffle around the park all day and beg for food!

These poor monkeys are suffering because tourists think it is okay to feed them with not only bananas but also junk food like potato chips, bread, and even cookies!

The monkeys have been placed on a strict diet and officials at the park have now installed "no feeding" signs like the one above, all over the park. However, it seems people still ignore them and continue to feed the monkeys. To combat this problem officials are thinking of putting a fence around the area where the monkeys reside.

We think it is sad that people would do this kind of harm to wild animals just to be entertained! What do you think? Be sure to add your comments below.

Sources: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail

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  • android7
    android7about 4 years
    • heheheabout 4 years
      • xdxp
        xdxpabout 4 years
        OMG!!!!!!! iIIIIIIIIFFFFF people keep doing this, the monkeys will die!!!!!!
        • makayabout 4 years
          poor monkeys
          • chbake01about 4 years
            for one, WHY WOULD YOU FEED A MONKEY COOKIES!?!?!?!!?!? Two there going to die and three THERE GETTING FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            • wow cool super about 4 years
              thats bad |:(
              • chbake01about 4 years
                people are being so mean to these monkeys like what the heck!
                • alien mikeabout 4 years
                  stop feeding the poor things junk food
                  • alienabout 4 years
                    wow dont feed them junk food
                    • mistery over 4 years
                      they r so cute lol