Visitors Help Build World's Tallest Lego Tower


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In honor of the 50th anniversary of the colorful Lego brick, visitors to the Legoland Park in Windsor, U.K. were invited to help build the World's tallest Lego Tower.

Groups of kids built 20cm sections, which were then lifted and fitted onto the growing tower by a crane. The 100ft tower, which resembled a Viking longboat mast, took four days and 500,000 bricks to complete.

Though it has not been verified by the Guinness Book of Records yet, the folks at the Windsor Legoland believe they have built the tallest Lego tower in the World, surpassing the current record holder at Legoland Toronto by 4ft.

Lego, which means "play well" in Danish, was founded in 1932 by a carpenter and his son as a venue to sell their hand-made wooden toys. The company then went on to sell plastic toys. However, it was not until 1958 when the colorful Lego brick and building system was invented, that it became really famous. While Lego creations have become much more sophisticated since then, the basic design remains the same, so you could still connect a brick made in 1958 to one made today!

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