Watch out Energizer bunny, here comes Evolta, a feisty little robot. Powered by two AA batteries made by the Japanese Company, Panasonic, Evolta climbed and climbed for almost seven hours up a rope hung from a steep Grand Canyon cliff.

Panasonic trying to demonstrate the long-lasting power of its AA batteries, with the same name, hung the 5 oz, 6.7 inches long robot on a thin string attached to the top of the canyon.

While It took six tries and a couple of repair jobs, Evolta did not disappoint, climbing over 1,740 feet in six hours and 46 minutes, until it reached the top. All in all this new battery lasts about 20 percent more than similar batteries made by other companies, including the Energizer bunny. Evolta even received a certification from the Guinness Book of Records as 'The World's longest lasting AA cell'.

According to Panasonic, the secret to the extra power is not new energy innovation, but a redesign of its existing battery, which allowed them to add more storage. Also an improved battery seal means Evolta can retain its power for ten years rather than five that is currently prevalent in most AA batteries. The batteries started selling in Japan in April and will be available in other parts of the world later this year.