Since 1994, Bill Dan has been wowing the residents of San Francisco, California and the neighboring city of Sausalito with his amazing rock 'art' - if that's what one could call balancing different sizes of rocks on top of each other.

For that's all Bill's art is - He simply creates vertical rock sculptures that often seem to defy gravity. In fact they are so amazing that people who haven't seen him do it live, find it hard to believe he can do it without using any adhesive .

Bill's motto in life is simplicity and his work reflects it. With no preconceived design, a little concentration, a positive attitude and a healthy respect for the materials he works with, Bill creates masterpieces one rock at a time - sometimes even adding a coke can or two at the top!

The best part about Bill's art is that it is created from nature and left with nature. For at the end of a hard day's work, he goes home empty-handed - his creations left to the mercy of nature. However, the next day he gets to go out and create yet another completely unique piece of art!

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