While President-Elect Obama will not be officially sworn in as President until Tuesday, January 20th, the folks at Legoland in Carlsbad , California have already completed the ceremony - using Lego bricks of course!

The large life-like exhibit which opened today, was created by master Lego model makers and shows President-Elect Barack Obama sporting a red tie being sworn in along with Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, on the steps of the Capitol (of Miniland of course), by Justice John Roberts.

Looking on are Michelle Obama, wearing a red dress, Malia, Sasha, Mr. Biden's wife, President George Bush and his wife, Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife and a number of other people who are scheduled to be on the stage. Below, are thousands of other Lego people, all witnessing the historical ceremony.

The model builders who started working on the scene earlier this month, said that the hardest part was making Lego figures that resembled real people. They started with finding out who was going to be on the stage and what they would be wearing. After that they tried to create a close resemblance by adding the right hair style and color, glasses and body shape.

From the pictures it sure looks like they have done an amazing job! The exhibit will be open every day until Memorial Day (May 25th) - except for January 20th - the day of the real inauguration.

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