25-year old Ian Cook has two passions - fast cars and art. Now he has found a way to combine the two, by creating stunning images and portraits using remote-controlled cars, a form of art he likes to call Popbang Color.

It all began in Christmas of 2007, when Ian, a lecturer in fine art and visual studies in Birmingham, received a remote-control car from his girlfriend, with a strict warning not to take it to his art studio and mess it up with the paints. Ian thought it was a brilliant idea and did exactly that.

Today, he has about 50 remote-controlled cars at his disposal, including a Mercedes Mclaren-SLR, all carefully chosen, based on their different speeds and characteristics. With the wheel arches slightly modified, Ian either dips the tires in the paints or lathers it staight over the canvas. Then, with short movement bursts, he sets about creating his masterpieces.

While he occasionally uses normal-size tires to create the background or a certain texture, Ian never uses a traditional paint brush.

Ian's paintings are so amazing that in August last year, he was commissioned by US car company General Motors to paint images of its two most anticipated future models - the Camarro Convertible and Beat - for display at its booth at the British Auto Show. Then in October, Reebok asked him to create a portrait of Formula One Racing sensation, Lewis Hamilton.

The 8 X12 meter painting (imagine two-double decker buses), took Ian 7 hours to complete, and was hung in the shadow of London's Tower Bridge from October 29th to November 2nd - the day before Lewis made history by becoming the youngest champion in the history of Formula One Racing.

Cook, who always knew that in order to be successful as an artist, he had to create something unusual, is happy to have achieved his dream- and the best part - he loves what he does.

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