Sleeping On Capitol Hill


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Newly elected House Representative Jason Chaffetz's entire campaign was very frugal - run out of his home in Utah, the entire operation was managed by volunteers. Now that he has won, he is not about to change his colors.

Instead of living in a hotel when Congress is in session, he has decided to sleep on a small cot in his office room and save himself about $1,500USD a month.

Jason reasons that this strategy is not only saving him money, but since Congress sessions sometimes don't end until midnight and re-start at 5.00 am, it is convenient not to have a commute.

There is a small bathroom in the office, and Chaffetz showers in the House gym, two floors down. He has stocked his office with snacks and a fridge for midnight munchies. His clothes are stacked on a rack in the corner of the room and he takes his dirty laundry home every week, when he visits his family in Alpine , Utah.

While happy with the arrangements, he does admit to some drawbacks of sleeping in what technically is an office building - especially at night when the janitors run their Zamboni-like (ice resurfacers) floor cleaning machines, which are quite loud.

Of course, Mr. Chaffetz can always ask for some advice from the 40 or so members of Congress that allegedly also spend their nights there, but are just too shy to admit it. Makes you wonder how long the queues for the shower are every morning!


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