President-Elect Obama Meets Spiderman


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When President-Elect Obama was young, he was an avid fan and collector of Spiderman comics. Now he is featured in one.

The six-page story, set on January 20th, features the superhero saving the day when an impostor tries to take Obama's place as President.

Peter Parker, Spiderman's alter-ego is covering Mr. Obama's inauguration when the impostor shows up.

The super-hero leaps into action and saves the day, greeting Mr. Obama with 'Hiya prez-elect! Loved ya in the debates!' - after rescuing him.

While Mr. Obama is not the first President to be featured with Spiderman, Marvel comics decided to honor him very early when they found out what a big fan he had been.

The comic will be at news-stands on Wednesday, January 14th and though Marvel Comics is going to publish more than its usual number of copies, this one is sure to be a best-seller - so get your copy early.


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